Challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of modern media

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Marine Vekua


Throughout history, many epidemics have had a profound and lasting impact on society – changing lifestyles, communication, work, travel, leisure, learning, psychological, economic, cultural, social climates. World has once again posed a difficult challenge to humanity – Covid-19 has invaded the planet and humans have, for the most part, been "transferred" into virtual space. The media, as at any stage of its development, plays a major role in informing the public about the pandemic. New media has been particularly actively involved with all its resources and all kinds of multimedia platforms. New media has been particularly actively involved in this process with all its resources and any kinds of multimedia platforms. During the
research process.

Several specific professional recommendations were identified and developed. As conclusion remarks, we should underline that different kinds of trainings for journalists should be organized to improve the quality of "medical" journalism, which will not only provide accurate coverage of COVID-19, but also strengthen the role of the media in general in combating the pandemic.

Pandemic Challanges, Media, Modern Context
Published: Aug 8, 2021

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