Linguistic structures as persuasive tools in advertising

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Manana Shelia


Advertising is an integral part of the modern world and is important for every aspect of a business. It is one of the forms of mass media which responds to the needs of our community.

For advertising purposes it is essential to attract the target audience by te adertiser. Creating an effective advertising text requires creative thinking. There has been a marked increase in interest in the use of linguistic and stylistic means, linguistic units of conveying it (both verbally and non verbally).

This paper focuses on the analysis of the language of advertising from a linguistic viewpoint and explains the linguistic means used in advertising texts.

The paper aims at studying and analyzing the historical way of origin and development of advertising, the language of advertising, the lexical features of the advertising text – morphological means, etc.

Advertising, Advertising Text, Informative, Linguistic, Lexical Features, Morphological Means
Published: Aug 8, 2021

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Humanity and Social Sciences