Constitutional Legislative Development In China

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Givi Lobzhanidze


In the present work the constitutional legislative development system and its stages are described in detains. Contemporary China’s public republic legislative system is based on the forth “modernized Socialism”. In the present constitution different changes had taken place in the latest period.

Based on the constitution and legislation the China authority is „the supreme state organ“ and the state „adminsitrative organ“ as well which is called the state council.

The China constitution peculiarities are charcterized in the following spheres: communist party activities, for exampe, the security, economical development, foreign relations, education, science and culture issues managment, national minority rights protections, migrants‘ rights protection, provinces, autonomous regions and centralized cities terrirorial division, ministries, committies and acts changed or abolished by the local administrations.

Republic, Modernized Socialism, Chinese Specifics
Published: Dec 30, 2022

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