Administrative Responsibility As A Form Of Legal Responsibility And Administrative Coercion

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Giorgi Khunashvili
Davit Khobelia


Administrative responsibility is one of the most important institutions of administrative law, which has its own infrastructure. It has procedural and material security in courts and legislation. At the same time, the institution of administrative responsibility acquires constitutional importance, since it has a regulatory impact on human and citizen rights and the institution of freedom. The basic law of the country can direct strong impulses in the field of legislation regulating administrative responsibility, thereby creating the constitutional basis of said responsibility. Administrative responsibility is the application of an administrative fine to an administrative offense on the basis and in the manner established by law. Administrative responsibility is essentially a form of legal responsibility. Legal responsibility is an assessment of the size of the coercion provided by the sanction of the law in relation to the violation of law. The institution of legal responsibility is of great importance in the regulation of public relations.

Administrative Responsibility, Legal Responsibility, Administrative Offense, Administrative Misconduct
Published: Dec 30, 2022

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