Comparative Analysis Of Criminal Liability For Provocation Of Crime

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Nugzar Tevdoradze


The article discusses one of its inherently problematic issues, such as the provocation of a crime, which has been the subject of heated discussion in legal science for decades, and also creates a problem for the judicial body, because under the laws of some countries, provocation can become a basis for exemption from responsibility.

Provocation of crime in general and especially by law enforcement agencies and its legal consequences is considered one of the most difficult problems in modern criminal law and criminal procedural law. Currently, police authorities around the world widely use different agency methods to detect latent crimes, such as drug trafficking, trafficking, corruption, etc. However, in some cases, during the implementation of such operational measures as control purchases, police officers and their agents act as initiators or perpetrators of criminal activities.

Such methods are opposed by a significant part of the legal community, which believes that the task of the police is to prevent crimes, not to encourage morally unstable people to commit them.

Provocation of Crime, Punishment of the Provoked
Published: Dec 30, 2022

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