Efficiency Of Distribution Of Public Funds And Justice Problems In Georgia

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Davit Vekua


Justice is the most important prerequisite for the successful implementation of economic policy and social stability. It is a phenomenon characteristic of people's economic activity, and the fair distribution of financial, material and human resources is becoming more and more important for the formation and development of civil society.

Globalization and liberal democracy allowed the development of the world economy to realize many opportunities, however, in the process of fair distribution of business relations and resources, a whole spectrum of problems appeared, without solving which the problem of acute property inequality
still exists today.

The reforms and the long and difficult process of economic transformation have put Georgia in front of many difficulties and challenges along with the successes. One of these challenges is the non- rational distribution of public wealth and the unwanted trend of increasing property polarization in society.

In order to realize the requirements of social justice, it is necessary to form new emphases of market relations and modern priorities for their implementation.

In order to establish social justice, it is extremely important, like the process of inclusive development of the economy in the leading European countries, to speed it up in Georgia as well and to proceed with greater awareness and involvement of the general public.

Due to the feeling of injustice and hopelessness, one of the most acute problems we face in Georgia today is the migration of young people. their outflow from the country. Migration significantly changes the demographic situation and the ability to meet the demand for labor in the future.

The article also discusses current issues of socialization of the Georgian economy and prospects and possibilities of establishing balance and justice in the market.

Justice, Economic Policy, Inclusive Economy, Poverty Line, Small Business
Published: Dec 30, 2022

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