Digital Challenges In The Tourism Industry

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Sofiko Tevdoradze
Nino Chanturia


If we look at the history of the world, we will be sure that on the basis of great discoveries, eras were changing, which were moving to different stages of development. The 20th century is especially noteworthy, when the Internet was created, which reduced the boundaries to a conditional concept. The Internet has become the revolutionary technology of the new millennium, which, along with the flourishing of communications, is improving the situation of consumers and businesses. The Internet and other new technologies have changed the ways in which companies serve their markets. The further evolution of the Internet world has brought us to a new stage, which is called the digital world. Technologies created before that, such as television, radio broadcasting and others, have been touched by the age of the digital world. Therefore, we can imagine the scale that the digital world covers.

The rapid pace of development of tourism in Georgia is easy to see. Today, Georgia occupies an important and worthy place on the new tourist map. Our country's marketing campaigns on the international tourist market have worked successfully, which is also reflected in the number of tourists, although more active involvement of the private sector using digital technologies would increase the number of tourists much more. The development of tourism in Georgia, the increase of investments in this industry has put us in front of new challenges. We need to keep up with global trends and respond to digital challenges using digital marketing. Conducting marketing digitally will allow us to monitor the desire of each customer, offer services in response and digitally monitor the results of the launched campaign in real time. 

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Published: Dec 30, 2022

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