Post Covid And Conceptual Issues Of Health Care Development In Georgia

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Lali Chagelishvili-Agladze


How should the healthcare sector continue to function in the post-Covid period? Should it follow its previous normal rhythm or should it be resuscitated? What are the ways that should be set in front of this field so that it can continue to move steadily towards development and overcome any difficulties.

The aim of the work is to answer these questions.

The main problem of the sustainable development of the country's healthcare sector is the insufficient material and technical base of the healthcare structures, lack of medical personnel and scarce financial resources.

In the conditions of global changes, it is impossible to provide full medical services to the society with the available resources.

In order to carry out the research and study the problems, the healthcare structures of Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Zestafon, Oni-Ambrolauri, Zugdidi and Kakheti regions were selected .

At the end of the paper, for the long-term, sustainable development of the healthcare sector, based on the analysis of the modern state of the medical structures of above mentioned regions, a conceptual model of the cluster is presented .

Sustainable Development, Healthcare Cluster
Published: Dec 30, 2022

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